Ano-Tech Computers

We do not allow executable attachments. In fact, there's a whole list of file extensions that are banned by our mail server, and we will simply not accept the message into the queue if one of them is detected.

This was a slightly controversial decision when we first made it back in 1999 but since then it has become common practice for most email providers to block potentially harmful attachments instead of relying on a virus scanner.

Note that we do NOT block document formats, even though these may contain macro viruses and other potentially harmful stuff. Neither do we block compressed archives such as .zip and .rar because these require user interaction before anything is executed. We do however rely on Norman Virus Control to block known viruses in these files.

Here is the full list of attachment types that we reject: Note that while this will keep your inbox pretty safe from viruses, there is NO guarantee. Improperly formatted headers, client software issues and encrypted archives are just some of the threats that might sneak past any well-written virus filter.